About Us

Are you stuck in a hole?


A man was walking down the street one day and not paying attention when he fell into a giant hole. Try as he might he could not get himself out of the hole. A minister happened by and heard the man’s cry for help. The minister could not help the man out of the hole so he said he would pray for the man and went on his way. Then a neighbor happened by and heard the man’s cry for help. He tried several things but could not help the man out of the hole so he wished him luck and went on his way. Then an old friend happened by and heard the man’s cry for help. Immediately he jumped into the hole with the man. The man, shocked by this, exclaimed “What are you doing? Now we’re both stuck in this hole!” His old friend looked at him and said “No we’re not, I’ve been down here before and I know the way out.”

Here at Life Solutions we have dealt with many of the same challenges as you. We have helped many people with similar challenges. While no two problems are exactly the same because no two people are the solutions often look the same. We are passionate about people and what makes them who they are. We are also passionate about helping people overcome the challenges life gives them. Whether it’s a relationship that isn’t working, addiction, anxiety or just feeling overwhelmed we want to give you the tools necessary to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Our Team

Laurie Heintz Siegel

Laurie’s areas of specialty include addictions, anxiety, depression, and family systems. She is extremely skilled working with the following population(s); individual, children, adolescents, family and couple counseling. She believes in tailoring treatment based on individual needs. 

Jim Phelan

Jim has advanced training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Exposure with Response Prevention for the treatment of anxiety disorders including OCD. Jim is a Level 3 trained Gottman Couples Counselor. He also is certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I).