Whatever hurts in a relationship can only be healed when we a re willing to turn towards our partner. This counter-intuitive to our natural inclination to move away from the source of pain. Whatever brings questions, doubt, AND pain the answer comes when we truly move towards our partner. Joining with our partner to fix what needs fixing, to heal what needs healing brings a new level of connectedness. It is connection that heals, not distance or disconnection. Closeness from turning towards heals doubt, fear, boredom, any sense of unworthiness and emptiness that comes into any relationship.

Take some time and think about a problem between you and your significant other. Think about telling them how this problem is causing you pain. Ask if they are willing to work on this problem with you. Keep in mind the corner stones of any relationship are Responsibility and Understanding. What part have you played in this problem? Where is your partner coming from, what is their perspective? Take on the mindset that true closeness is the embodiment of love and intimacy. Emotional intimacy is the heart of all relationships. Without it the relationship withers and dies. Don’t let hurt stop you from healing. Love is what matters most. Let the joining of the two show you the benefit of having this person as your ally, your friend, your true love.