Time is relative. You’re rushing out the door and you yell to your partner “I’m leaving!” They yell back “OK, have a nice..”, but you’re already gone. What might happen if you took 5 minutes to connect with your partner? Would five minutes really make a difference? The answer is a resounding YES!! 5 minutes is all it takes to engage in what we call rituals of connection. These rituals are what you and your partner do regularly and consistently to build connection and instill confidence in your relationship. They happen regardless of what is happening in your life or in your relationship. In 5 minutes you can tell each other what you are looking forward to that day, like seeing a co-worker who has been out sick, or what you are not looking forward to, like a meeting with an unhappy client.

In 5 minutes you can share some sign of affection like a hug and a kiss. You can share something you appreciate about each other. You can thank the other person for being in your life. Recognize that life is better with them in it. These things don’t need to be earth shattering things, things that poems are written about. They are the small things you do often that make a significant difference in your relationship. Relationships are built one small thing at a time so do the small things often.